Conference on Computational Physics 2024

Eve Psalti

Biographical Information:

Eve Psalti is a 20-year year tech and business leader, currently the Senior Director at Microsoft’s Azure AI engineering organization responsible for scaling & commercializing artificial intelligence solutions. She was previously the Head of Strategic Platforms at Google Cloud where she worked with F500 companies helping them grow their businesses through digital transformation initiatives. Prior to Google, Eve held business development, sales, and marketing leadership positions at Microsoft and startups across the US and Europe leading 200-people teams and $600M businesses. A native of Greece, she holds a Master’s degree and several technology and business certifications from London Business School and the University of Washington. Eve currently serves on the board of WE Global Studios, a full-stack startup innovation studio supporting female entrepreneurs.


Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) and Machine Learning (ML) is the next explosive growth area in technology relevant to every business in every industry on the planet. The data economy is already booming, and there are currently 35 zettabytes of data generated by 50 billion connected devices. From these mountains of data, GAI and ML are harvesting valuable predictive signals and patterns that fundamentally transform the face of every business and our daily life. From large language models that rapidly process billions of entries and automatically provide summarization services to custom neural voice to customize conversational AI services and from automating tedious tasks such as invoice processing to detecting sentiment in content such as customer reviews, AI is changing the way we think and work. AI is creating new jobs and demanding new skills and more governance to avoid bias and bring in transparency in the models and processes. In this presentation, we’ll explore the latest AI innovations and how they’re disrupting our business and personal lives forever. What’s coming, what’s exciting and how to watch for as you’re using or infusing AI in your everyday life.